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20+ Years of Experience

 *Areas of expertise:  Asphalt Driveways and Parking Lots, Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks,  Brick Paver Patio and Sidewalk Installation.

Surface Max has one solitary goal: to help our customers maximize their outdoor living space! By helping you to select the best options available we will help you choose the smartest solution for your budget.

Whether a traditional asphalt driveway or parking lot, beautiful brick pavers or decorative concrete, proper choices with your hardscaping needs can make a wonderful difference in the quality of your outdoor living.  We will help guide your way through the decisions, provide fresh design options, and coordinate your favorites into a landscape design that is functional and uniquely yours. 

Preparing for New Asphalt

When preparing to install a new asphalt parking

lot or a concrete patio, one key characteristic 

is shared: your base is essential.  

Building any solid surface such as concrete, 

asphalt and paver stones is in many ways similar 

to building a house.  Everything on top is only as good as the foundation that supports it.  

About Us

Starting out right requires specific attention towards grading the sub base.  This helps to facilitate proper drainage and is important to getting consistent distribution of the applied base materials.  Water drainage issues are usually addressed at this point.  

After sub grading is complete, rock is placed and compacted in lifts to provide a rock solid base for the asphalt or concrete on top.   

If these few simple steps are taken, you can rest assured that your new project will provide years of service without trouble.